External Job Title: Meat Clerk PT
Position Type:
Qualifications/Requirements: • Minimum age qualification- 18
• Ability to provide customers with exceptional customer service.
• Must be able to work weekends and holidays as needed.
• Exposure to cooler temperatures (28 to 32 degrees)
External Job Description: Emphasis in this position is on maintaining the proper stock levels for maximum sales potential and variety. Primary learning challenge is product knowledge and proficiency in ordering. Assignments and work direction are provided by the Meat Manager, Meat Merchandiser, or person in charge. Offering product and/or recipe suggestions and recommendations. Orders and maintains processed and pre-packaged Meat Department product. Maintains knowledge of product movement and specials. Works with Meat Manager on display building and preparation. Receives fresh and pre-packaged deliveries and writes credits and shortages. Ensures piece count matches invoice. Monitors expiration dates for freshness. Follows security procedures. Processes invoices properly. Ensures proper pricing. Consistently rotates product in cases and coolers to ensure proper refrigeration and freshness. Ensures cases are full and neat. Wraps bulk frozen product when needed on floor. Assists in performing meat wrapping, weighing and pricing. Maintains wrapping machine. Assists in vendor contact. Maintains a clean and organized work and storage area. Picks up and compacts cardboard. Ensures that trash is removed. Stores overstock properly.