External Job Title: Customer Service Rep PT
Position Type:
Qualifications/Requirements: • Ability to provide customers with exceptional customer service.
• Must be able to work weekends and holidays as needed.
External Job Description: Creates a positive shopping environment for customers and creates a positive working environment for employees. Resolves customer issues and concerns. Identifies and relays opportunities to Service Operations Manager to improve front end operations. Maintains a sense of urgency for all customer needs. Greets and thanks all customers providing prompt and courteous service. Ensures a positive work environment for all front end employees. Participates in the maintenance of a customer-oriented culture and delivers a high level of customer service. Anticipates customer needs and resolves issues in a manner that strengthens customer loyalty. Communicates customer issues to appropriate department; resolves. Ensures front end policies and procedures are known and adhered to, including proper product handling, proper tender and coupon handling, scanning error procedures, and price checks. Ensures prompt, accurate customer check-out and accurate bookkeeping and auditing. Ensures front end cleanliness, maintenance, and sanitation. Ensures communication between front end and pricing coordinator on pricing/signage discrepancies. Fluent in all service desk operations including bookkeeping. Completes voids, refunds, and daily cashier exception reports. Performs cash tender pickups, coin canister exchanges, till and coupon audits as outlined in company standard operating procedures. Communicates loss prevention situations with appropriate management and personnel. Other duties as assigned including but not limited to performing customer checkout transactions, stocking candy/gum racks, providing customer assistance in bagging groceries, parcel pick-up service, collection of carts and to provide support in maintaining clean and safe store conditions.