External Job Title: Pricing Lead FT
Position Type:
Qualifications/Requirements: Necessary Skills and Qualifications:
•Previous experience in retail environment working with pricing and signage changes.
•Accurate data entry skills
•Flexibility with hours include: Working 6am to 2pm M-F with rotation of two days off a week. Working one Saturday a month Midnight to 8 am and Sundays Midnight to 8 am. Hours will vary based on work needs. Must be available to work holidays.
External Job Description: Primary Objective:
Primary emphasis in this position is on effective coordination and implementation of store price change information in order that store management can maintain necessary price controls and integrity. Timeliness and accuracy of implementation are keys to the position. Primary learning challenge is understanding the pricing and scanning systems as well as front end procedures to effectively coordinate price change information. Position directs work of pricing associates. Problem solving primarily in resolving pricing discrepancies, requiring collaboration with Division P.O.S. Coordinator, Store Director and department managers.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Coordinates and performs implementation of price changes.
• Ensures that prices are correct and that they go into effect in a timely and consistent manner.
• Communicates and resolves price discrepancies and scan error forms with department managers, vendors and cashiers.
• Makes and/or enters changes in computer systems, shelf tags.
• Coordinates and conducts displays, competitive ads, coupons, and in-store deal price changes.
• Verifies for accuracy in price on shelf and display, returns shelf and display to
regular price when needed, updates computer files on PC and completes reports.
• Ensures new items are priced accurately and all necessary data is entered into computer files.
• Ensures that new items are flagged for tax, food stamps, accurate description and department.
• Communicates effectively with all vendors.
• Coordinates and performs proper signage. Ensures accuracy and that policies and procedures are followed.
• Ensures price check calls are responded to in a timely and consistent manner.
• Coordinates and conducts verification of prices on an ongoing basis using verification equipment and audits. Informs Division personnel of potential pricing errors or inconsistencies.
• Performs personnel functions for Pricing Department:
- Plans, delegates and oversees work of pricing associates
- Determines work needs and writes schedule
- Completes performance evaluations
- Ensures proper training
• Assists in cashiering when needed.
• Provides for efficient organization of pricing office. Orders supplies and forms, maintains office cleanliness and maintains equipment.